Chat Rules

In order to keep our chat room beautiful and pleasant place, hereby we implement some rules/guidelines. Please try to keep your chat room neat and fantastic place.

  1. Team members should be mindful of the fact that they need to be RESPECTFUL & FRIENDLY while regulating chat or while warning problematic users. Team members or Moderators have no right to disrespect a user.
  2. Incase users demand a proper explanation for the action taken by moderators then the explanation shall be given to them in pvt with due respect.
  3. If a user disrespects a team member, you are requested NOT to give them the same treatment by verbal abuse/ insult/ sarcasm/ triggering etc. Please warn them professionally and take the required action after informing them (if necessary).
  4. Verbal abuse/ vulgar talk / sexual explicit or suggestive content of any sort is banned.
  5. Inappropriate, abusive, and disrespectful content in any public places ( status messages, wall post, news comments, and about me ) is NOT ALLOWED.
  6. Provoking or instigating fights,hate speech, rude conduct & bullying is NOT allowed. Respect every user's personal space and keep the chat healthy and positive.
  7. Incase an issue arises against a team member, mod, or admin regarding action taken please complain to admin Email or other admins/mods in PVT CHAT only. These issues won't be entertained in main. Action will be taken against users who escalate these kind of issues in main and disturb chat.
  8. Any kind of defamation against FTC chat or FTC team is not allowed in public lobby.In case of issue contact admin team.
  9. Inviting users to other sites is strictly prohibited.
  10. To improve readability of chat DO NOT SPAM using emojis/text/song lyrics in main.
  11. Tamil or english shall be used to chat. Using other languages is not allowed.
  12. Sharing personal information in public lobby is discouraged and will be at your own risk. Issues that arise due to this won't be entertained by the team or FTC will not be held responsible for the same.